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the bigger one is me

Hello Everyone

I’m Kanchan Sharma, a young blogger from Kathmandu, Nepal. I’ve been in the blogging field since the last three years. I have made numerous of blogs in the Blogger platforms but this one is my first official blog in WordPress. Till date, I’ve made almost 12 blogs. 2 of them were successful enough to get an average of 200 visitors everyday. None of my blog got accepted in Adsense( I don’t know the reason).I don’t give a damn about that because my intentions are not to make money as I’m not in the proper age  (below 18) for generating income. My intentions were to share the huge amount of information and knowledge that I had gained in my 3 years of Blogging Experience and I was able to do that. I had published almost 100 great articles in my 3 awesome blogs and had gained good response from them although I didn’t managed to make money.


How I got in Blogging?

Well, this is not a long story like the other bloggers have. I have a very short story about the start of my blogging career. It was not that I got inspired by some type of blogs/ Google instead I was inspired by my Computer teacher of my class. He had a blog and he gave me his blog’s link when we were about to depart( he was going to US for his higher studies). One day I felt like checking his blog. I found some really interesting things out there. There were pictures of my class mates along with our teacher. I felt like weeping for some time as I missed him too much. Then after some time, I felt like making a blog was same as making a website ( I guess you know what I mean). I didn’t knew what to write so, I started a blog like dairy and posted some articles relating to my life. It was quite good. One day, when I was just surfing the internet after watching the movie The Social Network, I felt like testing a link http://zuckonit.blogspot.com and found out Smartbloggerz. Its quite famous these days. There I came to know that I can make some bucks from Blogs and started to create some professional looking blog and read almost all the article at SmartBloggerz. From there, I came to know about Problogger, YoungPrePro, Zaczohnson, Carlocab and many other blogs. I started reading them and finally, I created my first professional blog BloggingTip4U and started to write on it. I began to write on that blog and continued writing and it went on.

THIS was how my Blogging Career started 3 years ago. I hope you guys liked my story on how I started Blogging. There are hundreds of article that I need to share with you, but not in haste. We have lots of time.

All you need to do is visit this blog in your free time and see whats new here in HotBloggingTips and share them if you love them. That’s all I’ve to say you in this  about page.



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