7 tips to increase traffic

This is the continuity post of the previous post in which I had told that I will write the other tips besides the primary ones to drive more traffic in blog and as promised, I’m writing down the top 7 tips that are gonna help you to drive the increase amount of traffic in your blog from the initial phase.


  • Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a process of writing for other bloggers  and believe me that you’ll get a rush of visitors in your blog is you follow this process. Writing on the top blogs/websites of your niche with lots of readers and visitors, you can actually build a friendly connection between the blog author and their readers. If your guest post gets featured on their blog, you’re gonna get a lot of visitors returning to your blog. So, try out guest posting by searching the top sites of your niche and see the results.


  • Blog Commenting

I still remember that day when I posted a comment on Problogger.net . Well, it was my first comment on a big blog like that and it also got accepted. Now after long time of commenting, I can see that I get about 10-15 visitors everyday from problogger in one of my blogs. Imagine that you’ve commented on about 20-30 comments in some big blogs and they’re sending you at least 20 visitors. By this, you’ll get about 400-600 visitors on your blog alone. So, learn to comment on other big blogs and see the awesome results that you’re gonna get.


  • Linking with other Blogs

For simple understanding, this means guest posting and commenting. You can’t get to link with other blogs unless the blog authors do that by themselves or you post on their blog. There are many benefits of linking with other blogs as they’ll help you to get good ranks and will also drive traffic to your blog( guest posting, commenting). So try out link exchange and see the results that you get by doing this. Its so easy to do so.


  • Social Sharing

This thing is gonna make you crazy if you get to know how can you actually do this crazy stuff. For your kind information, its very easy to do so and the result is huge. All you have to do is share what you’ve written on your blog on social media like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Pinterest and many other social sites one by one. If you do that for all of your posts and also ask others to do the same, you’ll see a huge number of people gathering around your blog in a short time.


  • Interacting with readers

You can understand this stuff from the heading. It clearly means to say that you should interact with your readers. It means that you should respond to your readers as quickly as possible. For example if your readers found out some confusion in your post and posted their comment relating to the confusion and you did tried your best to solve their problems, then they’ll trust upon you and share more of their suggestions, feedbacks and even will try their best to promote your blog as they’re getting their queries solved. So, due to these factors, you can say that a good interaction with the readers will certainly help your blog to gain much traffic and your blog will get more famous.


  • Setting Up RSS

Now, this is the thing that you should do as soon as you create a blog. If you have a blog and its RSS then, you’ll give a way for your readers to subscribe to your blog for all the posts, comments that gets published on your blog. This is surely gonna help you out to generate huge traffic as your readers will get the email in their inbox saying that you’ve published a post on your blog and they’re gonna check it out. By this, you can be sure that none of your subscribers are gonna miss the posts of your blog and this’ll drive more traffic to your blog.


  • Building relation with other bloggers

Now, here comes the final tip that’s gonna help you out to drive much traffic on your blog. If you’ve a nice relation with the bloggers of your niche ( no matter big bloggers or small bloggers), you’re surely gonna get something from that and that is traffic. If you’ve got hundreds of bloggers as friend, you can email them shortly about your blog and whenever a new post is published and they’ll cretainly view that. You can also request them to subscribe to your blog and there are maximum chances that they’ll listen to you as you all are friends. They’ll even feature you in their blogs if you request them to do so and from this, you’re gonna get huge amount of traffic in your blog which will surely lead you to success.

These were discussion on the seven tips that I’d published on the previous posts and had promised to brief them. If you feel some points are missing or have any good things to say about this post, please mention them in the comment. If you loved this post, please show your love by sharing this post on facebook and twitter by clicking the share button.

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