Blogging and 3 reasons why should you Blog?

Now that you’ve known what is a blog (click here if you haven’t), its the time to know what particularly is Blogging. Those people who have already started a blog are well known about this thing but, for those who are completely new, it might be a thing of wonder. So, this post goes for those newbies, who don’t know a bit about it  and it goes as simple as

Blogging is a process of writing articles in your blog.

Well, this is one of the simplest definition of Blogging. You won’t get any thing simpler then that, I bet. See, its so simple. The way you write on your blog, whatever you write on your blog can be termed as Blogging. Its for sure that if you have a blog, you’re already blogging because you’ll have at least one post in your blog.

Now, let me tell you three major points why should you blog

    • For Exposure

I don’t think there is anybody in this world who doesn’t wants to become famous. That’s one of the top goal of anyone. You want to become famous, no matter what you do. If you wanna become successful in this internet and gain a lots of followers, Blogging can surely help you. Hundreds of thousands of people have already become successful because of their Blog. So, this thing can surely help you out if you want to become successful, all you have to do is hard for in the initial phase and you’ll be resting later.

  • Better English

Some people might wonder how can Blogging help to make your English better. The answer is simple, The more you practice, the Better you’ll get. Its for sure that you’ll write your blog in English if you want exposure. The more the contents you write on your blog, the better your English level will become. IF you’ve already started Blogging and have the aim of not giving it up, trust me; you’ll have an awesome English one day. That’s for sure.

    • Making Moneymakemoney

Now, this thing is what everyone wants ” Money”. Without money, you can’t do anything. So money is the thing that’s gonna help you out all the time and let me tell you a fact that you can make lots of money via.Blogging, if you’re determined ( now this thing comes). If you’re determined on not leaving Blogging until you get the success, you’ll be able to make Hundreds and even Thousands of $$$ from your blog. So, be ready to blog for money.


Below is a nice video which can brief you about Blog, Blogging and many other related stuffs. I recommend you to watch this video.

Now, its up to you what is your aim, success,being better or making money or all of them. Stay focused on your aim and don’t give up blogging so early because nobody knows what’s coming up next for you. So, give continuity to blogging if you’ve stopped temporarily and be a successful blogger and show to the world that you can do it!